PPC supporters rock Kibungo town

NGOMA- Party for Progress and Concorde (PPC) supporters, yesterday, rocked Kibungo town residents with thunderous party songs and slogans.

PPC campaign team managers and supporters were accompanying PPC presidential candidate Alvera Mukabaramba, at Cyasemakamba football stadium in Kibungo town of Ngoma district.

Alvera Mukabaramba told PPC supporters that her program for the country include; providing free education for Rwandan children, right from nursery school to senior six.

The candidate also noted that the party will promote vocational schools that will produce job creators as opposed to job seekers.

She further emphasized that once elected as president; she will make sure that teachers’ remuneration is increased as a motivation for provision of quality education.

The candidate told a group of over 200 supporters, mainly young people, that PPC will work around the clock to improve people’s livelihoods.

She added that PPC will live peacefully with all Rwandans, irrespective of ethnic groups, and the rest of the world.
“To achieve this, , just vote for PPC in power and all will be alright,” she said attracting loud applause.

MP Thierry Karekezi, PPC technical team manager, told supporters to be ready and calm as they elect their candidate, Alvera Mukabaramba.

“PPC selected this candidate due to the unique qualities she possesses. It is also true that , women have great capacity to deliver at any level, including leading a nation…this must be known to you today as Rwandans,” he said.

Deo Ngarambe, 62, a resident of Cyasemakamba and supporter of PPC, said that he was greatly attracted by the party’s concern for parents, by promising to freely educate their children.

‘I, for instance, have six children and seven grand children that I have to pay for in schools. This is a great burden and if they can pay for them, then, I would be the happiest man in the world,” he said.

The campaign day ended with party supporters dancing with the presidential candidate.