Mission and platforms of PPC

The Motto of the Party for Progress and Concord (PPC) is:

- Development;

- Concord;

- Rwandans’ welfare.

The Party for Progress and Concord (PPC) puts to the fore human value and the willingness to promote the development of the Rwandan society. These ideals can be translated into reality through the promotion of the progressive convention, based on the following themes:

- Promote Rwandans’ living conditions mainly based on the Education For All Policy, good health, the promotion of the living conditions of the population and of housing in Rwanda;

- Fight for the establishment of an efficient wage policy;

- Promotion of justice, gender equality and citizenship;

- Sensitisation of Rwandans about work;

- Technology-based development and economy; facilitation of Rwandan population access to finances by establishing a programme reducing bank guarantee and loan interest rates;

- Foreign affairs policy.

To be in tune, the Party for Progress and Concord (PPC) more and more restructured itself and developed strategies enabling its ideas and objectives to be brought to the knowledge of a higher number of the population. Therefore, in October 2004, the Extraordinary Congress Meeting of the Party for Progress and Concord (PPC) amended some provisions of its Statutes by harmonising them with the situation of the country and even with other national laws.